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Economics and Self-Sufficiency

On March 13, 1997, the regional newspaper of north central Kansas, the Salina Journal, published…

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The Ethics of Eating

I was an average kid — a middle-class American — who grew up in an…

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The Need of Being Versed in Country Things

The house had gone to bring again To the midnight sky a sunset glow. Now…

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The Emperor’s New Chromosomes

The widespread adoption of transgenic plants now under way promises to accelerate the degradation of…

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The Changing Relationship Between The Tree of Knowledge and The Tree of Life

Over the last ten millennia or so the nature of the human condition has changed…

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Food in the Coming Century | Right Livelihood Awards 2000

Acceptance Speech Delivered in Stockholm, Sweden, December 8, 2000. Honor goes to all of those…

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Clear-Cutting the Last Wilderness Compromising the Genomes of our Major Crops

In April of 1997, The Economist carried a story entitled “The Green Gene Giant,” featuring Monsanto and…

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A Medieval Art and Photo Essay

Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s The Harvesters (1565, 461/2″ x 631/4″, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) probably…

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Toward An Ignorance-Based World View

At The Land Institute several of us get a great deal of joy from looking…

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Hope is a Thing With Roots

In 1987, farmers of the High Plains boiled at Easterners Deborah and Frank Popper, who…

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First International Perennial Grain Breeding Workshop

In a major expansion of The Land Institute’s vision of soil-conserving, grain-producing agriculture, in September…

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Paradigm Shift U.

Imagine that you are watching a university news conference. Perhaps it is in your hometown….

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