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The Land Institute’s work advances research and agricultural scientific knowledge and is conducted in an innovative yet rigorous professional context. Explore our findings and ideas via articles authored or co-authored by members of our staff and published in research and peer-reviewed journals.

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Author: Timothy E. Crews and Lee R. DeHaan
Publication: Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems 39:500-515

Abstract: This article was written as a response to Chris Smaje’s review, “The Strong Perennial Vision: A Critical Review”. In his review, Smaje argues that society in general, and the…

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Author: Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations

In August 2013, our scientists helped the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations organize a workshop in Rome on the role of perennial crops in providing food security….

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Author: Tim Crews, Stan Cox, Lee DeHaan, Sivaramakrishna Damaraju, Wes Jackson, Pheonah Nabukalu, David Van Tassel, Shuwen Wang
Publication: Crops, Soils, Agronomy, November 2014

To meet the global food challenge of 2050, and well beyond, there is a growing consensus that farmers will need to produce more food using fewer and fewer chemical, energy…

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Author: Lee R. DeHaan, David L. Van Tassel
Publication: American Journal of Botany 101 ( 10 ): 1801 – 1819

Abstract: Annual grain crops dominate agricultural landscapes and provide the majority of calories consumed by humanity. Perennial grain crops could potentially ameliorate the land degradation and off-site impacts associated with…

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Author: Bryan C. Runck, Michael B. Kantar, Nicholas R. Jordan, James A. Anderson, Donald L. Wyse, James O. Eckberg, Richard J. Barnes, Clarence L. Lehman, Lee R. DeHaan, Robert M. Stupar, Craig C. Sheaffer and Paul M. Porter
Publication: Crop Science 54:1939-1948

Abstract: Over the last half-century, crop breeding and agronomic advances have dramatically enhanced yields in temperate summer-annual cropping systems. Now, diversification of these cropping systems is emerging as a strategy…

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Author: Timothy E. Crews, Philip C. Brookes
Publication: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 184 (2014) 168–181

To achieve robust phosphorus sustainability in agriculture, it will be necessary to reduce unintentional P losses through erosion and leaching, improve P availability and synchrony, and cycle the P that…

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Author: David Van Tassel, Lee DeHaan
Publication: American Scientist

Efforts to domesticate new, high-yield, perennial grain crops require patience and persistence—but such plants could transform agriculture “You had to spend all those years in graduate school to do this?”…

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Author: R.C. Hayes, M.T. Newell, L.R. DeHaan, K.M. Murphy, S. Crane, M.R. Norton, L.J. Wade, M. Newberry, M. Fahim, S.S. Jones, T.S. Cox, P.J. Larkin
Publication: Field Crops Research Vol. 133 July 2012 pp 68-89

Abstract: This study evaluated over 150 wheat × wheatgrass derivatives in a series of field experiments. The objective was to assess their capacity to regrow post-harvest and yield grain over…

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Author: E. Charles Brummer, Wesley T. Barber, Sarah M. Collier, Thomas S. Cox, Randy Johnson, Seth C. Murray, Richard T. Olsen, Richard C. Pratt, Ann Marie Thro
Publication: The Ecological Socielty of America, published online Sept. 14, 2011

Abstract: Plant breeding programs primarily focus on improving a crop’s environmental adaptability and biotic stress tolerance in order to increase yield. Crop improvements made since the 1950s – coupled with…

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Author: Jerry D. Glover, John P. Reganold
Publication: Science and Technology, (Winter 2010), pp 41-47.

Perennial versions of our major grain crops would address many of the environmental limitations of annuals while helping to feed an increasingly hungry planet. Download PDF

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Author: T.S. Cox, D.L. Van Tassel, C.M. Cox, L.R. DeHaan
Publication: "Crop & Pasture Science," July 2010

Abstract: Annual cereal, legume and oilseed crops remain staples of the global food supply. Because most annual crops have less extensive, shorter-lived root systems than do perennial species, with a…

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Author: Jerry D. Glover,John P. Reganold, L. W. Bell,J. Borevitz, E. C. Brummer, E. S. Buckler, C. M. Cox, T. S. Cox, T. E. Crews, S. W. Culman, L. R. DeHaan, D. Eriksson, B. S. Gill, J. Holland, F. Hu, B. S. Hulke, A. M. H. Ibrahim, W. Jackson, S. S. Jones, S. C. Murray, A. H. Paterson, E. Ploschuk, E. J. Sacks, S. Snapp, D. Tao, D. L. Van Tassel, L. J. Wade, D. L. Wyse, Y. Xu
Publication: Science, 25 June 2010, Vol. 328 pp. 1638-1639

Perennial grains hold promise, especially for marginal landscapes or with limited resources where annual versions struggle. Access SummaryAccess Full Text

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