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The Land Institute’s work advances agricultural scientific knowledge and is conducted in an innovative yet rigorous professional context. Explore our findings and ideas via articles authored or co-authored by members of our staff and published in peer-reviewed journals.

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Author: Martin H. Bender
Publication: Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2000, Vol. 30, pp 49-58.

Abstract: Hydrocarbon intermediates typical of the chemical industry are an inefficient route for the production of synthetic organics from biomass. This is demonstrated by stoichiometric calculations of mass losses of…

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Author: Peter A. Kulakow
Publication: Euphytica, October 1999, Volume 110, Number 1, pp 7-20.

Abstract: Illinois bundleflower, Desmanthus illinoensis (Michaux) MacMillan, is an herbaceous perennial legume native to the central and southeastern USA. It has been identified as a potential perennial grain legume. To…

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Author: W. Jackson, L.L. Jackson
Publication: Agriculture as a Mimic of Natural Ecosystems, R. LeFroy (Ed.), 1999, pp.1-37

Abstract: Over the past two decades, work at The Land Institute has aimed to develop sustainable farming as a functional mimic of mid-grass prairie. Ecological studies of unploughed prairie suggested…

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Author: W. Jackson
Publication: Agriculture as a Mimic of Natural Ecosystems, R. LeFroy (Ed.), 1999, pp.39-55

Abstract: Genomes can be regarded as miniature ecosystems which display many of the same characteristics as that of a prairie or forest ecosystem. Human communities may likewise have characteristics common…

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Author: Jon K. Piper
Publication: Canadian Journal of Botany, Volume 73, 1995, pp. 1635-1644.

The diverse community structure and different types of resource use by plant species contribute to the persistence and resilience of the prairie ecosystem. Download PDF

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Author: Laura L. Jackson, Chester L. Dewald
Publication: Ecology, April 1994, Volume 75(3), pp. 627-641.

To test the prediction that a mutation causing greater reproductive effort will result in reduced vegetative vigor, we compared the seed production, growth, and carbohydrate status of normal and pistillate…

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Author: Jon K. Piper, Peter A. Kulakow
Publication: Canadian Journal of Botany, 1994, Volume 72, pp. 468-474.

The Land Institute is developing perennial grains to be grown in prairie-like mixtures. One approach involves the development of a perennial grain sorghum by crossing tetraploid Sorghum bicolor with wild…

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Author: J. Vail, P. Kulakow, and L. Benson
Publication: Recapturing a Vanishing Heritage, Proceedings of the Twelfth North American Prairie Conference

Presented Aug. 5, 1990 Published 1992 Abstract: Illinois bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoensis (Michx.) MacM., Fabaceae) is a warm-season perennial legume of the North American grass-lands. It is rated by some as…

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Author: Jon K. Piper
Publication: Canadian Journal of Botany, 1992, Volume 70, pp. 1324-1330.

Abstract: An experimental population of a perennial species, Cassia marilandica, was monitored for 4 years to examine changes in size structure and seed production over time. Plants flowered and set…

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Author: Peter A. Kulakow, Mary K. Handley, James Henson, and C. L. Dewald
Publication: Eastern Gamagrass Conference Proceedings

Abstract: The discovery of a gynomonoecious sex form (GSF) of eastern gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides) has greatly increased our expectations for high seed yield from this species. Reported estimates range from…

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Author: Peter A. Kulakow, Laura L. Benson, and Jake G. Vail
Publication: Advances in New Crops. Proceedings from the First National Symposium New Crops: Research, Development, Economics

Introduction Illinois bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoensis (Michx.) MacM.) is a warm season perennial legume of the North American grasslands. Native stands occur in a variety of habitats, including rocky open ground,…

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Author: Wes Jackson, Jon Piper
Publication: Ecology, 1989, 70(6), pp. 1091-1993.

Our subject here is “the problem of agriculture” not “problems in agriculture.” We proceed with the assumption that problems in agriculture are primarily derivatives of the problem of agriculture. Download…

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