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Over the years, The Land Institute has been recognized in popular media coverage as a thought leader on a wide range of issues including agriculture, sustainability, culture, and more.  More recently our perennial crop breeding and ecological intensification research are garnering coverage, and the newly formed ecosphere studies program is attracting attention.  Feel free to peruse this chronological list of articles, or review the articles on a specific topic using the category filters.

If you’re looking for a list of Land Institute researchers’ articles in scholarly journals, visit our Scientific Publications page.

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Publication: Cowra Guardian

Author: staff

One of the major talking points to come out of the 30th Grassland Society of NSW conference this week was the combined work by NSW DPI researcher, Matthew Newell and The Land Institute…

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Publication: Forum News Service

Author: Tom Cherveny

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak needed only a garage to develop Apple computers and change the world forever. Carmen Fernholz hopes a 2-acre parcel of his Lac qui Parle County…

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Publication: Kansas University Environmental Studies Program

Author: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Art and science come together on the University of Kansas campus this weekend, July 14-16, for a summer Ecosphere Studies Workshop with leaders from The Land Institute, KU faculty from the…

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Publication: Farm and Dairy

Author: Chris Kick

Farmers who are looking for an alternative to corn and soybeans — and a crop that grows back each year — might want to consider the benefits of growing a…

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Publication: Originally published in the McKnight Foundation's 2016 Annual Report

Author: The McKnight Foundation

Kernza is one of only a handful of new grain crops introduced in the last several thousand years. It’s the product of years of plant breeding at The Land Institute, an…

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Publication: BioScience

Author: Beth Baker

Kernza is on the leading edge of a global effort to develop perennial crops as a way to make agriculture sustainable and to support ecological intensification. Plant geneticists, evolutionary bio­logists,…

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Publication: Food & Wine

Author: Mike Pomranz

The health food and environmentally conscious crowd always seem to be touting the latest in hip grains. For a while, “ancient grains” seemed to be the top choice – with…

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Publication: Quartz

Author: Chase Purdy

A wild cousin of wheat could be the next grain found in popular cereals and snacks, and it just got backing from a prominent member of Big Food. General Mills,…

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Publication: Farm Journal

Author: Nate Birt

The organic grain Kernza could soon come to a field near you thanks to a new arrangement among General Mills, its Cascadian Farm subsidiary and The Land Institute. The sweet- and nutty-tasting grain, a trademarked variety of…

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Publication: The New Food Economy

Author: H. Claire Brown

General Mills announced on Tuesday a commitment to support the commercialization of Kernza, the Land Institute-developed perennial grain. In addition to half a million dollars in research funding for the…

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Publication: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Author: Kristen Leigh Painter

A perennial wheatgrass thought to be better for soil health is getting commercial backing from organic food maker Cascadian Farms and its parent company General Mills. Cascadian Farms, based in…

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Publication: Food Business News

Author: Jeff Gelski

General Mills, Inc. has approved a $500,000 charitable contribution to support research on Kernza, a perennial grain with deep roots that show promise in providing benefits in soil health, carbon…

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