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“Where We Are Now” | Bill McKibben | Strachan and Vivian Donnelley Lecture on Conservation and Restoration

2019 Prairie Festival Bill McKibben, co-founder of, author, and climate change activist speaks at…

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Stories and Digressions | Wes Jackson

2019 Prairie Festival Wes Jackson, PhD, President Emeritus and co-founder speaks at The Land Institute’s…

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Disruptive Energy Futures | Amory Lovins

2019 Prairie Festival Amory Lovins, Co-founder, Chief Scientist, and Chairman Emeritus of the Rocky Mountain…

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Carbon, Culture, and Change: From the Ground Up | Fred Iutzi

2019 Prairie Festival President of The Land Institute, Fred Iutzi, gives the closing remarks and…

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From Copenhagen To Salina Via Paris | Lennart Olsson

2019 Prairie Festival Lennart Olsson, PhD, professor of Geography at Lund University, Sweden; author on…

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Soil Organic Matter: Humanity’s True Capital | Francesca Cotrufo

2019 Prairie Festival Francesca Cotrufo, PhD, Professor and Associate Head of the Department of Soil…

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Scientific Research Reports 2019

2019 Prairie Festival Scientists at The Land Institute report on the progress of their programs…

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Biodiversity: Weaving Connections to Inspire, Learn, and Act | Ana L. Porzecanski

2019 Prairie Festival Ana L. Porzecanski, PhD, Director of the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation…

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2019 Prairie Festival Artist | Rena Detrixhe

2019 Prairie Festival Rena Detrixhe, 2019 Prairie Festival Artist and Research Resident at The Land…

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Climate Change: Impacts and Transformations | Fred Iutzi

2019 Prairie Festival President of The Land Institute, Fred Iutzi, opens Prairie Festival 2019 in…

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Are We the Ones We Have Been Waiting For? | Wes Jackson

2018 Prairie Festival The Land Institute’s Co-founder and President Emeritus Wes Jackson asks the question…

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An Education for Homecoming, What Will it Take to Settle America? | Mary Berry & Matthew Derr Panel

2018 Prairie Festival The Berry Center’s Mary Berry and Sterling College president Matthew Derr have…

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