About Us

The Land Institute is a science-based research organization that promotes an alternative to current destructive agricultural practices. Our work is dedicated to advancing perennial grain crops and polyculture farming solutions.

Founded as a nonprofit organization in 1976, The Land Institute is committed to researching food production methods that sustain the land, a precious resource in an increasingly precarious state around the globe. The current agricultural paradigm takes a short-term/high-yield approach that is dependent on heavy chemical applications and petroleum consumption, and is prone to soil erosion and degradation. We aim to change that.

At The Land Institute, we believe we must grow food in partnership with nature, including the wisdom inherent in planting perennial grains in mixtures that can help build and protect soil.

We must stop treating soil like dirt. We are dependent on our soil. It is everyone’s future.

The history of Earth-abuse through agriculture has been horrendous. Essentially, all of nature's ecosystems are perennial polycultures. Agriculture reversed that. Consequently, soil erosion became a problem. The wilderness has to become a standard against which we judge our agricultural and cultural practices." – Wes Jackson

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