Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

International Program

The International Program is a new initiative of The Land Institute to ignite a movement for advancing just and diverse perennial grain agriculture globally.

What Is the International Program?

The Land Institute has been deeply rooted in North America’s central Great Plains for over forty years. And over the last decade, scientific interest in developing and testing perennial grain cultivars has grown exponentially and internationally. Today, The Land Institute facilitates collaborations with more than 50 researchers on six continents and is now launching an initiative to formalize and scale the international movement toward a perennial future. The International Program is The Land Institute’s new initiative to ignite and co-lead that movement with the global community of perennial grain researchers and advocates.

Initiative Launch and Timeline

The Land Institute began the planning phase of the International Program in the fall of 2020. During the fall, a survey of nearly 100 researchers provided preliminary direction on how the International Program can best serve the international scientific community. 

The Land Institute announced Tim Crew, Chief Scientist, as Director of International Program in December of 2021. He is tasked with forming and facilitating a steering committee of international collaborators who will help prioritize the International Program activities over the coming year. 

In December 2020, the Food Planet Prize was awarded to The Land Institute by The Curt Bergfors Foundations. This $1 million prize provides anchor funding to launch the International Program initiative. Stay tuned for more information about what will be required to realize a global movement’s vision. Join us by supporting this work with a donation to The Land Institute.



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