Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

Hope, Rooted in Science

Igniting a Global Movement for Perennial Agriculture

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International Initiative

Igniting a movement to advance just and diverse perennial grain agriculture at a global scale.

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Perennial Grain Crops

Natural ecosystems feature perennial plants. So does our approach to perennial grain agriculture.

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Ecological Intensification

Sunlight. Water. Soil. Microbes. Plants. People. The Land Institute brings them all together for sustainable farming.

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Transforming Agriculture, Perennially: Bloch Executive MBA Speaker Series

April 14, 2023 | 8:00 am
Bloch Executive Hall

Join Rachel Stroer, President of The Land Institute, to hear about the bold new strategic vision to reconcile the human economy with ...

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Scientific Publications

Abstract Improvements in seed yield during domestication and breeding are frequently achieved moving plants from the conservative syndrome of the plant economic spectrum towards the more acquisitive side, changing how…

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Program leads from the Legume and Crop Stewardship Programs at The Land Institute released a paper detailing the ability of diverse cropping systems to address critical environmental issues connected to modern…

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This collaborative paper, which includes research from The Land Institute’s Ecosphere Studies and Perennial Oilseeds Programs, highlights the need to apply tools and technologies toward domestication efforts that equally consider…

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