Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

Prairie Festival 2026 - Celebrating 50th Anniversary of The Land Institute

June 1, 2023, Salina, Kansas: The next Prairie Festival will be held in 2026 in conjunction with celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Land Institute. We will not have a festival this fall or in ‘24 or ‘25.

Until then, The Land Institute will dedicate the next few years to building the broader perennial movement. Our home place will continue to persist in the Central Great Plains Smoky Hill River hub, and we’ll seek to deepen and broaden the international movement in new and different ways. We’ll return to our roots by intensively engaging small groups of staff, partners, and advocates to explore big ideas for the future. We’ll engage with policymakers, the broader agriculture community, and civil society on diverse perennial grains, perennial cultures, and issues that impact the reconciliation of humans, our place, and our responsibilities within nature.

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