Transforming Agriculture, Perennially


The people of The Land Institute tend to be like the prairie — diverse and perennial. We are working together to accomplish a mission to which we are all passionately committed. Click on the photo of each staff member below for their bio. Visit our Board of Directors or Interns page for additional profiles.

Anna Andersson
Research Technician, Civic Science

Spencer Barriball
Research Technician, Perennial Legumes

Glory Benacka
Greenhouse Supervisor

Jamie Branda
General Research Assistant

Amy June Breesman
Land Relations Specialist

Tomas Cassani
Postdoctoral Researcher, Soil Ecology

Eric Cassetta
Phenomic Breeding Technician

Robin Chapman
Executive Assistant to the President

Anita Chase
Operations Manager

Edy Chérémond
Research Technician, Crop Protection Ecology

Marty Christians
Research Technician, Kernza®

Amy Cole
Chief Impact Officer

Stan Cox
Research Fellow, Ecosphere Studies

Evan Craine
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sainfoin

Pat Crepps
Facilities and Grounds Assistant

Tim Crews
Chief Scientist; International Program Director, Director of Ecological Intensification

Lee DeHaan
Director of Crop Improvement/Lead Scientist, Kernza® Domestication Program

Madeline DuBois
Research Technician, Ecology

Tiffany Durr
Facilities Operations Manager

Hana Fancher
Market Stewardship Specialist

Emma Flemmig
Grants Project Manager

Westen Gehring
Grants Specialist

Adam Gorrell
Research Technician

Olivia Hamilton
Research Assistant, Greenhouse

Scott Hamilton
Facilities Manager

Jacob Handel
General Research Assistant

Gina Harding
General Research Assistant

Wes Jackson
President Emeritus

Zach Jake
Research Assistant - Crop Protection Genetics

Patti Johnson
Accounting Associate

Maya Kathrineberg
Research Technician, Perennial Wheat and Crop Protection Genetics

Laura Kemp
Perennial Agriculture Project, Field Station Manager

Tammy Kimbler

Tammy Kimbler
Chief Communications Officer

Ron Kinkelaar
Research Technician

Jessica Kleoppel
Senior Impact Manager

Reece Knapic
Research Technician, Civic Science

Bo Meyering
Applications Developer

Ebony Murrell
Lead Scientist, Crop Protection Ecology

Pheonah Nabukalu
Lead Scientist, Perennial Sorghum

Lydia Nicholson
Educational Design Technician

Tessa Peters
Director of Crop Stewardship

Krista Robinson
Director of People and Culture

Mercedes Santiago
Research Technician, Soil Ecology

Sydney Schiffner
Research Technician, Perennial Oilseeds

Brandon Schlautman
Lead Scientist, Perennial Legumes

Carol Smith
Compensation and Benefits Specialist

Tejas Srikanth
Integrated Marketing Communications Specialist

Sajal Sthapit
Postdoctoral Researcher, Kernza®, Intermediate Wheatgrass

Aubrey Streit Krug
Director of Perennial Cultures Lab

Rachel Stroer

Savannah Hall Taillon
Impact Specialist

Tracie Mattivi Thomas
Chief Operating Officer

Yvonne Thompson
Research Associate, Crop Protection Genetics

Betsy Trana
Perennial Oilseeds Research Technician

Kathryn Turner
Lead Scientist, Crop Protection Genetics

David Van Tassel
Lead Scientist, Perennial Oilseeds (Silphium)

Amanda Wagner
Impact Stewardship Specialist

Shuwen Wang
Lead Scientist, Perennial Wheat

Kelsey Whiting
Perennial Grain Policy and Government Affairs, Postdoctoral Researcher

Brenna Wilcox
Operations Assistant

Claire Wineman
Post-Baccalaureate Researcher, Soil Ecology

Darlene Wolf
Constituent Database Manager

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