Transforming Agriculture, Perennially


The people of The Land Institute tend to be like the prairie — diverse and perennial. We are working together to accomplish a mission to which we are all passionately committed.

Just click on the photo of each staff member below for his or her bio.

You can also visit our Board of Directors page for their brief profiles.

Scott Bontz
Editor of The Land Report

James Bowden
Research Technician, Ecology

Marty Christians
Research Technician, Kernza®

Amy Cole
Director of Development

Sheila Cox
Research Technician

Stan Cox
Lead Scientist, Perennial Sorghum

Tim Crews
Director of Research and Lead Scientist, Ecology Program

Lee DeHaan
Lead Scientist, Kernza® Domestication Program

Tiffany Durr
Greenhouse Manager

Ron Fent

Ron Fent
Grounds and Aesthetics Technician

Adam Gorrell

Adam Gorrell
Research Technician

Fred Iutzi

Wes Jackson
President Emeritus

Land Institute Prairie Festival

Patti Johnson
Accounting Associate

Ron Kinkelaar
Research Technician

Randy Mathews
Development Officer

Pheonah Nabukalu
Postdoctoral Fellow, Perennial Sorghum Breeding

Chris Pembleton
Facilities and Special Projects Manager

Brandon Schlautman
Lead Scientist, Perennial Legumes

Aubrey Streit Krug
Postdoctoral Fellow, Ecosphere Studies

Rachel Stroer
Chief Operating Officer

Cindy Thompson
Greenhouse Assistant

Kathryn Turner
Postdoctoral Fellow, Perennial Wheat

David Van Tassel
Lead Scientist, Perennial Oilseeds

Shuwen Wang
Lead Scientist, Perennial Wheat

Darlene Wolf

Darlene Wolf
Operations Associate and Administrative Assistant to Wes Jackson

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