Transforming Agriculture, Perennially
Lead scientist Pheonah Nabukalu working on perennial sorghum research at The Land Institute.

Careers at The Land Institute

The Land Institute is working on a solution to one of humankind’s most critical challenges: Producing food while regenerating precious soil, water, and ecological resources.

The long-term, game-changing nature of our mission is both challenging and fulfilling. Our people reflect the values of the prairie: diverse and perennial. Our staff members have come from across the globe to The Land Institute’s modest home in Salina, Kansas, transforming agriculture worldwide. For many, it becomes a lifelong career. More than a few have been involved with — and have evolved with — The Land Institute for decades.

Jobs at The Land Institute include scientists, field and research technicians, farm operations, fundraising, communications, marketing, finance, and administration.



All Other Inquiries

Don’t see a link below to a current open position, or don’t see a position that fits your skill set? Feel free to submit a resume, cover letter, and writing sample to and we will keep your information on file for future employment opportunities.

Seasonal and Temporary Jobs

As positions become available, details and instructions for applying will be posted at the current job openings link above.

General Research Assistants

General Research Assistants are seasonal, full- or part-time hourly workers who provide general support for The Land Institute’s research programs by assisting in our fields, seed processing facilities, grounds, greenhouses, and labs. Examples of tasks include threshing, mowing, pot-washing, transplanting, weeding, hoeing, sampling, and data collection. General Research Assistants start at the same hourly wage, with returners eligible to earn more. Benefits are not provided.

Program Research Assistants

Program Research Assistants are temporary, full- or part-time hourly workers who assist specific research programs at The Land Institute. Tasks may range from entry-level to specialized, depending on the specific research program. Program Research Assistant hourly wages vary depending on the skills and experience required to complete the research tasks. Benefits are not provided.

Program Interns

Program interns are temporary educational trainees who gain valuable insight into specific research programs of The Land Institute through hands-on participation, observation, and educational opportunities such as training, seminars, and/or field trips. Tasks and opportunities vary depending on the research program. The program intern position is designed to provide an entry point for those with limited experience in agricultural research and to support high school or college students in learning about research. Position availability and duration vary depending on the research program but typically last for several months. Program interns are provided monthly stipends; benefits are not provided.

Postbaccalaureate Researchers

Postbaccalaureate Researchers (post-bacs) are temporary educational trainees who gain research experience in perennial grain agriculture, mentorship, and an opportunity to develop collaborative skills at The Land Institute. The post-bac position is designed to support recent college graduates with strong research interests in the exploration of their future career, education, or training possibilities. Post-bacs are members of specific research programs and have designated staff mentors. Post-bacs have opportunities to learn about a range of agricultural research topics and participate in professional development activities such as conferences. Position availability and duration vary depending on the research program but typically last for 12 months. Post-bacs are provided monthly stipends; benefits are not provided.

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