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Thank You to Our Contributors

Honor and Memorial

Every gift matters to us — thank you for being part of this journey.

In Honor

Mike and Debra Berkley, from Limbo, Inc.

Wendell Berry, from Dean and Nicki Hulse, James and Karlene Polk and Paul ter Weel

Cassius Masai Kobe Black, from Cheri Black

Mary Bole, from Richard Bole

Dr. James and Sharon Buhr, from Vicki Voldal-Rosenau and Rodney G. Rosenau

Sam Dunlap Family, from Gail Dunlap

Richard Futrell, from Brook Nauta

Joe Goffman, from Gabriel Goffman

Rachel Greenberger, from Julie McCoy

Drew Groezinger, from Catherine Hoffman

Gail Hopley, from Ruth McNally

Wes Jackson, from Stanton and Carol Hoegerman, Roger McDaniel, Robert T. Perry and Kathy Crawford,  and Anonymous

Kathleen Johnson, from John Field, and Mark Jordan

Lawrence Krehbiel, from Shelly Krehbiel

Marilyn Long, from Andrew Long

Kevin Markey, from Karen Markey

Heather Niese, from Susan Niese

Julianne Phipps, from David and Lynn Phipps

Emily Rude, from Matthew D’Asaro

Sara Sandberg, from Jean Nuss

Dr. John Howard Schwartz, from Albert and Jane Schwartz

Valetta Seymour, from Mary Kathryn Thompson

Frieda C. Smith, from Douglas Smith

Tejas Srikanth, from Jessica Kleoppel

Glenn Stroer, from Larry Daggett

James Struby, from Shauna Struby

Allison Stuewe-Sibberson, from Thomas and Virginia Reid

Kate Thompson and Bill Scott, from Valetta Seymour

Brian Boyarko, from Ginnette Simko

Native Prairies, from Gregg Bruff

Peter van Dresser, from David A. Bainbridge


George Comstock, from Ann Hillman

William Crews, from Sharon Welker, Robert and Cristina Morris, Church of the Redeemer, Donald W. Hassemer, Gretchen Hawley, David W. Matthews, Kathryn Olson, Rosann Pearson, and Billie Thompson

Mary Dudley, from Kathleen Fisher

Julie Floyd, from E. Scott Royce

William Frederick, from Sally and Evan Frederick

Dr. Dean Freudenberger, from Joyce Lamphere

Dr. C. Reed Funk, from Carol Jean and Brian Petersen

Sharon Groff, from Brian Ewert and Kathleen Rulka

William Groneman, from Paula S. Tompkins

Elisabeth Hanson, from Ardith Hanson

Avenell Harms, from Duane Harms

Dr. C. Dale Johnson, from Michael and Cheryl Johnson

Kathleen Johnson, from Colleen Brown, Sarah Fortino, Frederick Murphy II, and Erin Webb

Tosh and Tomoko Kawamoto, from Edith Frederick

Ivan Ward King, from Helene King

Eva Lankhorst, from J. Han Lankhorst

Brian Lindsay, from Vicki Voldal-Rosenau and Rodney G. Rosenau

Kelly Mahon, from Penny Mahon

Mitch Mathis, from Charlene Mathis

Mary Ellen and Kenneth McCaffree, Charles McCaffree

Carol O’Connor, from Clyde Milner

Craig Miner, from Anonymous

Robin Mittenthal, from Anonymous

Joan Moody, from Liberty Prairie Restorations

Dennis Murphey, from Gerald M. Shechter and Jennifer A. Logan

Brent Nelson, from Jon Nelson

Diana Nemergut, from Joseph Knelman

Henrietta “Betty” Olsen, from Stacey Olsen

Emelyn Piotter, from Allison J. Miller and Jason Knouft, and William L. Howenstine

Jim Robb, from Trish Robb

Warren Robinson, from Betty Jane Robinson

John Schmidt, from Clair Schultis

Nancy Schmidt, from Timothy and Jennifer Johnson, Susan Keim, and The Schmidt Family

Miner Seymour, from Glen and Karen Ediger

Dr. Ben Smith and Mrs. Mary Smith, from Marcia and Michael Mayo

Steve Smyers, from Presian Burroughs

James Tarnowski, from Judy K. Berkshire

Debbie Spicer, from Mark and Renee Freeman

Dr. Ronald Stevens, from Michael Horak

Ezekiel Coyote Heter-Wegscheider, from Jane Wegscheider

Gordon Evrard, from Diana Krystofiak

Joel Pickelner, from Paul Wickelson

John Bever, from Dr. Peggy A. Schultz and James D. Bever

June H. Thompson, from John Thompson

Ken Norland, from Madeline Norland

Kenneth V. White, from Wayne and Sandra White

Nathan Stanton, from Dr. Don Rominger

Stan Stolen, from Paul D. Stolen and Deborah K. Amazi

Torleif Samuelson, from Scott and Kellie Bakke

Wilford Davis, from Dr. Robert F. Gragg

Gretchen Hercher Waite, from Richard H. Waite

Doris Williams, from Roma Weirich-Ritenour

Angus Wright, from Wes and Joan Jackson, and Anonymous

Alex Wyatt, from Lloyd and Anne Davidson, K. Mark and Carolyn Wedel, Kathleen and William Pierson, Barbara Nickell, David and DuAnn Peterson, Thomas and Virginia Reid, Martha Rhea, Eva and Thomas Winkler, Bruce and Margaret Wyatt, Anonymous, Joyce E. Came, Charles and Elizabeth Carroll, Rebecca and James Cram, Janet Denning, Linda Ellison, C.A. Geis, Ivan and Margaret Hulstine, Diane Sampson, Donald and Kathleen Schwegmann, Constance Stevens, Came Ag Supplies, LLC, League of Women Voters, Mary L. Andersen, Jo and Shannon Buchanan, Gary and Janice Denning, Emma L. Doherty, Tom and LouAnn Dunn, Barbara Gibson, James and Connie Hocking, Douglas and Janet Johnson, Candyce and Bruce Johnson, Scott and Alice Jones, Thomas and Tamara Jones, Norman R. Kelly, Cynthia and John Knutson, Susan Lynch, Bill S. Medina, Candice Moore, Scott and Wilma Nelson, David and Julie Parks, Mrs. I.B. Rundell, Jack Sheahon, James and Deborah Shetlar, Chas and Jane Weathers, Wesley Wyatt, and Ann M. Zimmerman and Dexter D. Eggers

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