Transforming Agriculture, Perennially


Amanda Wagner

Development Stewardship Specialist

Amanda Wagner originates from Kansas and graduated with a B.A. from Kansas Wesleyan University. Prior to joining The Land Institute, she worked in library services, agritourism, and with cooperative and farmers markets. She remains active in the local food and sustainability efforts in both Salina and her home community of Bennington, Kansas. She enjoys meeting with guests of The Land Institute on tours, learning alongside attendees of Prairie Festival or TLI hosted workshops, and engaging with supporters while traveling.


What drew you to work at TLI?

I was lured in by the magic of Prairie Festival and the wise words of Wes Jackson in his book, Nature As Measure. I stayed because The Land Institute does a remarkable job at encouraging presence, engagement, and perennial learning; the culture of The Land Institute is a unique blend of genius, collaboration, big dreams, and diverse perspectives. Too, the campus is a beautiful and inspirational place to be. It is humbling and an honor to be a small part of such a necessary and large goal to transform agriculture.

What TLI perennial crop do you look forward to eating most, and how would you prepare it?
I am looking forward to having a full feast featuring all of our perennial crops paired with other locally sourced ingredients. I think it will be spectacular however it’s prepared!

What else are you passionate about (outside of work)?
Reducing waste is a big passion of mine, on a personal and community level. I also enjoy incorporating environmentally-conscious and repurposed materials in my art practice.

What is your motto / favorite quote?

“The Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann

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