Transforming Agriculture, Perennially


Corey Samuels

Principal and Owner, IslandB Consulting

Corey helps organizations use data to solve business problems. She leads teams and initiatives that rely on Big Data, AI, and other Analytics and Data Science approaches. With a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, specializing in modeling and simulation, she finds ways for global teams of scientists, domain experts and non-technical users to understand each other and work together efficiently. In her 20-year career, Corey has worked primarily in analytics and algorithm development software companies, including 5 years leading Wolfram Solutions operations. Her clients and projects have covered a broad variety of fields from life sciences/healthcare to space exploration to disaster remediation. She attended the UN Global Climate Change Abu Dhabi Ascent conference in 1994 with the UN Population Fund delegation. She also led a project to help determine and respond to the impact on businesses after the 2011 Fukushima radiation/tsunami disaster. Currently, she is involved with a client who is building technology to reduce energy consumption and carbon impact of data centers globally. Corey was an intern at The Land Institute in 1992, then Intern Coordinator and Interim Director of Education in 1993-4. She managed the 1993-4 Visiting Scholars in Complexity program where TLI invited thinkers to contribute Complexity and Chaos theory ideas to our research. This inspired her to pursue her PhD, attend the Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School in 1995, and join the first group of TLI Graduate Research Fellows.

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