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Emily Ralston Land Institute Intern

Emily Ralston


Emily was born in Neenah, Wisconsin, and currently lives in Eugene, Oregon. She is an undergraduate at The University of Oregon working on an Environmental Science major with a Biology minor. At The Land, Emily has enjoyed working with the sorghum the most, and has gotten excited about the details of the genetics of plant breeding. To avoid the Kansas summer heat with highs above 100 degrees, Emily harvested Kernza® at sunrise and sunset.


What’s been most inspiring about working at The Land Institute?

I am most inspired by the dedication of the scientists on The Land Institute’s team on a day-to-day scale, as well as their commitment to the grander vision. Each scientist lives their work, and it shows in the success of the organization.

What’s your favorite place at The Land?

The farmhouse!

What’s your motto / favorite quote?

“Doing science with awe and humility is a powerful act of reciprocity with the more-than-human world.” – Robin Wall Kimmerer, in her book Braiding Sweetgrass


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