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Jamie Branda

General Research Assistant

Jamie Branda lives in Salina, Kansas but was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which he considers to be home. Jamie received his GED from the Salina Adult Education Center a few years prior to joining The Land Institute as a General Research Assistant. The skills that Jamie has developed and continues to develop as an artist provide him with the ability to pay close attention to the detail and accuracy of his work, which contributes to the research in which he is currently engaged.


What’s most inspiring about your specific position at TLI?

I think what’s most inspiring about my position is the opportunity to work with nature hands-on. This position also gives me the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of new skills.

What drew you to work at TLI?

What drew me to work at TLI is the diversity and sense of community, as well as the opportunity to work with plants.

What else are you passionate about (outside of work)?

I’m very passionate about art. I really love working with both colored pencils and watercolors. Some of my favorite things to draw are Disney characters, little landscapes, and animals.

What’s your motto/favorite quote?

My favorite quote comes from the TV show Supergirl:

“Life is long, and you will be many different people before the end. And knowing you, every single one of them will be extraordinary.”

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