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Jocelyn Pembleton

Research Assistant

Jocelyn lives in Lawrence, KS, but lived in Salina since she was three years old before moving to Lawrence this year. She still considers Salina, KS home ground. Next fall, Jocelyn will be a sophomore at the University of Kansas, pursuing a sociology degree with a film minor.

What’s most inspiring about your specific position at TLI?
The most inspiring aspect of my specific position here at TLI is that Brandon, the lead scientist for perennial legumes, has allowed the legume team to be “in charge” of certain projects. It is helpful to play a leadership role and I enjoy working in teams with the interns.

What drew you to work at TLI?
A few people in my life that I know have worked at The Land Institute and talked about the organization with lots of positivity. I had never heard of this type of perennial research beforehand, and I thought it would be interesting to be a part of such an important environmentally conscious advancement.

What TLI perennial crop do you look forward to eating most, and how would you prepare it?
I think it would be really cool to try Kernza or perennial wheat noodles. I eat pasta all the time, so this would be the most exciting meal to make. I would make some type of garlic alfredo sauce or some pesto to go on the noodles.

What else are you passionate about (outside of work)?
Outside of work I really enjoy going on hiking trips, researching deep analyses of movies, and listening to music. I try to listen to a wide range of music from classical to metal. The only music I really cannot get into is country, except Zac Brown Band.

What’s your motto / favorite quote?
“I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change…I’m changing the things I cannot accept.” -Angela Davis

What were you like at age 10?
When I was 10, I was very active. I went to dance classes at least twice a week and during the summer, I played softball. I loved being outside and spent most of my time in my old treehouse. My family built the treehouse together and I remember working all day trying to get it done so that my brother and I could play adventure games.

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