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Katie Collins Land Institute Intern

Katie Collins


Originally from Dallas, Texas, Katie Collins participates in a special Land Institute summer program through Austin College, where she double majors in Environmental Studies and Biology. Of her work at The Land, Katie says, “What’s inspiring to me is that everyone here seems to really care about what they’re doing. Annual agriculture has caused a lot of problems and instead of ignoring this and continuing business as usual, everyone here is facing the challenge of developing perennial agriculture. That takes a lot of courage.” Her picture on this page is of The Land Institute’s drying room – partly because it’s cool in there after a long day of weeding, but also because it’s full of a bountiful harvest at the end of the season.


What perennial crop are you most interested in eating, and how would you prepare it?

I am most excited to use some Kernza® flour for perennial pancakes or chocolate chip cookies!

What’s your favorite quote / motto?

“If your life’s goal can be accomplished in your lifetime, you aren’t thinking big enough.” – Wes Jackson


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