Transforming Agriculture, Perennially


Madison Lawson

General Research Assistant

Madison is currently enrolled as a student at Oklahoma State University studying nutritional sciences and hopes to work as a dietician focusing on pediatric care or eating disorders via social media. She has worked at The Land Institute over the past three summers and appreciates her time spent in Salina learning about perennial grains.


What’s most inspiring about your specific position at The Land Institute?

I’ve gotten to work with most of the crops and learned how to work on vehicles.

What drew you to work at The Land Institute?

Some of my friends told me they enjoyed working here, and I wanted to learn more about agriculture.

What else are you passionate about outside of work?

I like going on walks with my dog or hiking. I also enjoy kayaking and swimming.

What were you like at age 10?

When I was 10, I was even more awkward and quiet than I am now.

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