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Meg MacDonald Land Institute Intern

Meg MacDonald


Hailing from Geneva, Illinois, Meg graduated in May 2017 from Boston College with a degree in Geology and is working as a Project Geoscientist for an environmental consulting firm in New Hampshire. During her Land Institute summer internship, Meg did a lot of work in the field and lab with soil core samples and carbon content of soil, as well as weeding, harvesting and data collection.


What has been most inspiring about your time at The Land?

I am inspired by our intricate connections to the land we live, work and eat from. Agriculture is a lot more than just food, and has the possibility to be a powerful solution. It is a bond with the land that is hard to truly understand until you get your hands dirty. The Land Institute has helped me reconnect with my Earth.

What would people never guess that you’ve done as part of your role?

I have worked with a geoprobe and dug out deep soil core samples to test the carbon content with permanganate (all while listening to Jimi Hendrix).

What drew you to work at The Land Institute?

I wanted a break from lab research and wanted to work with my hands. I also wanted to return to the glorious Midwest, and was deeply intrigued with learning more about perennial agriculture and Kernza® perennial grain. Also, I discovered The Land Institute through my research on induced earthquakes, and wanted to come here and see if I would feel one of the earthquakes shaking central Kansas more and more frequently.

What perennial crop do you look forward to eating most, and how would you prepare it?

Kernza®. I would like to try it as the flour in cinnamon banana pancakes.

Where is your favorite spot or place at The Land?

My favorite spots are the greenhouse and the coffee machine.


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