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Nadine Dyskant-Miller Land Institute Intern

Nadine Dyskant-Miller


Originally from Hinsdale in western New York state, Nadine graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Composition from the University of Michigan in 2015. She worked on a wide variety of projects during her internship at The Land Institute.


What’s been most inspiring about your time at The Land?

I’m often struck by the enormous time scale of these projects, and I’m so inspired by the researchers’ long-term dedication to work that extends way beyond our lifetimes.

What would people never guess that you’ve done as part of your role?

There have been some lovely afternoons spent counting flowers and reviewing graphs of the data we collected.

What drew you to work at The Land Institute?

The last few years, I have been dedicated to learning and working in sustainable, non-extractive agriculture. I was really excited to learn about The Land Institute through Wes Jackson’s book Becoming Native to This Place. This was a great opportunity to learn and work among researchers who are doing such important work.

What perennial crop do you look forward to eating most, and how would you prepare it?

I’m looking forward to eating Kernza® pancakes.

Where is your favorite spot or place at The Land?

Anywhere the plants are.

What’s your motto / favorite quote?

stay together

learn the flowers

go light

– Gary Snyder


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