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Todd Humiston

Integrated Pest Management Specialist

Todd Humiston is a biology and biochemistry student at Kansas Wesleyan University and lives in Salina. He has worked extensively in residential lawncare since the age of 12, managing up to 20 yards at a time. After his time in the Marine Corps, Todd also worked as an assembler at Great Plains, working on harrows and seeders, prior to joining The Land Institute as a General Research Assistant. After working as a research assistant at the organization, Todd transitioned to the new role of Integrated Pest Management Specialist.


What’s most inspiring about your specific position at The Land Institute?

The opportunity to learn

What drew you to work at The Land Institute?

Working outside and gaining experience & insight for my future career path.

What’s one aspect of your life history that most people don’t know or wouldn’t expect?

I have spent about 2.5 years overseas, between Australia and Japan.

What else are you passionate about outside of work?

I like to spend time with my dog Ozzy, she is a brindle Boxer and is about to be 3 years old. I have a vegetable garden that keeps me busy. When I have time I like to take my kayak out and go fishing around Kansas.

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