New roots for ecological intensification

By Tim Crews, Stan Cox, Lee DeHaan, Sivaramakrishna Damaraju, Wes Jackson, Pheonah Nabukalu, David Van Tassel, Shuwen Wang; Crops, Soils, Agronomy, November 2014in Scientific Publications - November 12, 2014

To meet the global food challenge of 2050, and well beyond, there is a growing consensus that farmers will need to produce more food using fewer and fewer chemical, energy and machine inputs. In order to achieve this, numerous researchers have called for a transition from input intensification to ecological (or sustainable) intensification. Agroecosystem characteristics that have been targeted for improvements through ecological intensification include fertilizer and water uptake efficiencies, greenhouse gas emissions, soil quality including nutrient stocks and organic matter, and crop loss to insects and pathogens.

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