Q&A: Changing Farming's Uncertain Future (Washington Post Article - July 22, 2009)

By Jane Black in Feature Articles - July 22, 2009

3 Wise Men, Planting Ideas Where It Counts

In mid-July, Wes Jackson, Fred Kirschenmann and Wendell Berry travelled to Washington, D.C. to propose a 50-year Farm Bill to members of the Department of Agriculture and Congress. The concept is to collectively envision a sustainable farm landscape that is healthy and productive by the year 2059 and to treat each of the 5-year farm bills as benchmarks to that goal. We found a receptive audience in Washington, and The Land Institute will continue to spread the idea and develop support among constituencies countrywide. Washington Post reporter Jane Black sat down with them to learn how this revolutionary idea could change agriculture. Her story, "3 Wise Men, Planting Ideas Where it Counts," was published in the Post on July 22, 2009. Click here to link to the article on the Washington Post website.