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Land Institute Art Project Reflects on Time, Nature

Publication: Salina Journal

Author: Jason Beets

An artist hopes his creation will give people the chance to peacefully reflect and consider the nature of time.

Owen Brown gave a tour of his art project, “Units of Measurement,” Friday evening at the Marty Bender Nature Area, located at the corner of Holmes Road and Brad Way, 1 mile north of The Land Institute.

The project consists of three sets of sun dials, created from prairie-colored angled flag poles, placed to symbolically represent the passage of time.

The first location, named “in the beginning,” is 1,190 feet east of the third location, named “the passage of a second.” Due to the rotation of the earth, someone standing at “the passage of a second” will have rotated to “in the beginning” in a single second, according to Brown.

The second location, “from the future,” is 723 feet north of “in the beginning.” Brown said that at the dawn of the summer solstice, the shadows of the sundials at “from the future” will touch the sundials at “the passage of a second.”

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