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The Pandemic Armchair Philosophy Blog


Author: Bill Vitek

Ecosphere Studies partner, Bill Vitek, creator of the Pandemic Armchair Philosophy Blog, writes that it “…was born in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, and is designed to demonstrate philosophy’s practical side in these challenging times. It encourages readers–and not just professional philosophers–to utilize the hard-wired human propensities to think, imagine and create. It’s of the armchair variety because we are urged to stay inside these days, and because philosophizing can be done while sitting down.”

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Bill Vitek is a philosopher, educator, author and musician.  For thirty years he has collaborated with Wes Jackson–co-founder and President Emeritus of The Land Institute–on projects of mutual interest, including two co-edited books Rooted in the Land and The Virtues of Ignorance) and, since 2011, an educational framework informed by perennial, regenerative agriculture. Bill is Scholar in Residence at Middlebury College and Professor Emeritus, Clarkson University, where he taught philosophy for 32 years.

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