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28th Headwaters Conference

Date: Saturday, October 7, 2017


Quigley Auditorium – Western State Colorado University
600 North Adams Street
Gunnison, Colorado 81231

Aubrey Streit-Krug will be presenting as part of the “Stories for the Long Game” panel – a conversation between Aubrey and Brooke Hecht (president of the Center for Humans and Nature), moderated by Gavin Van Horn (director, Cultures of Conservation, also with the Center for Humans and Nature) at the 28th Headwaters Conference at Western State Colorado University.

The 28th Headwaters Conference calls for participants to listen to and speak with diverse voices about the lands in which they live. This year’s theme “Science, Story and Justice” explores how language creates both justice and injustice as it unfolds the diverse ways of knowing that help us understand the world. Some of these stories are told through the speech of science; others develop in cultural narratives that echo across time and place. Each story holds power, though not all stories are heard equally or have the same outcome in societies. Still, all of us live in this world where wide-ranging narratives converge in a reality we might call truth or knowledge, each unique and individual to us. At this year’s Headwaters, we will jumble story and science in provocative, unsettling ways, with the aim to inspire new uses for both in our lives as active citizens of the world.

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