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Aubrey Streit Krug: Speaking at Quivera Coalition’s Regenerate 2020 Conference

Date: Monday, November 9, 2020


Director of Ecosphere Studies, Aubrey Streit Krug, speaks at Regenerate 2020, the Quivera Coaltion annual conference.


This conference has illuminated, time and time again, diversities of innovative and collaborative restoration projects. These projects work across many different ecological fields, including watershed health, ecological function, soil health, and more. This panel brings together a group of folks to discuss unique and emergent forms of collaborative land restoration.


Darrell Oswald

Valerie Small

Rodrigo Sierra-Corona

Aubrey Streit Krug

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The Quivira CoalitionHolistic Management International, and the American Grassfed Association collaborate each year to convene ranchers, farmers, conservationists, land managers, scientists, medical professionals, nutritionists, students, educators, and others to share knowledge, build community, and create a culture of resilience and regeneration. This year, in response to impacts from the Coronavirus pandemic and the call for meaningful action towards racial justice, we will host an online, month-long series of plenary presentations, roundtable discussions, and practical workshops—October 26 through November 20—to collectively imagine and define a path for Resilience in Times of Uncertainty.

Many of us inherently understand that changes to our planet’s systems and climate are inextricably connected to how we experience the world as humans—socially, economically, environmentally, and politically. Yet changing how we think and act as ecological collaborators involves challenging and intentional work, and may not come easily. What happens when we work together with others who don’t think or behave in the same ways we do? How does collaboration fundamentally shift the way we do things? How do we set intentions, individually and collectively, about the world we want to live in? How do we practice adaptability and learn to plan for the unpredictable?

REGENERATE 2020 will explore these questions, thought processes, and solutions, offering a diversity of virtual events, an abundance of accessible information, and ample opportunity for conversations to regenerate mind, body, soil, and spirit.

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