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Now Hiring Lead Scientist in Soil Ecology

The Land Institute is searching for a Lead Scientist in Soil Ecology. Soil ecology is critical to achieving our goals and measuring our success. The Lead Scientist in Soil Ecology will serve as a leading voice in the movement to create diverse perennial agroecosystems. We need a leader who will strengthen our understanding of how different perennial grain species and polycultures influence a range of essential soil functions and will contribute research on the potential of perennial grain agroecosystems to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Our scientists are leaders in perennial grain breeding, and they collaborate with over fifty partner researchers in eighteen countries. Our collaborators include some of the world’s top geneticists, plant breeders, and ecologists. In addition, we advise and direct funding for graduate students pursuing perennial grain and ecological intensification research.

The Land Institute is working on a solution to one of humankind’s most critical challenges: Producing food while regenerating precious soil, water, and ecological resources. The long-term, game-changing nature of our mission is both challenging and fulfilling. Our people reflect the values of the prairie: diverse and perennial. Our staff members come from across the globe to The Land Institute to transform agriculture worldwide. For many, it becomes a lifelong career. Over a few have been involved with — and have evolved with — The Land Institute for decades. Join us!

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