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Research Papers from The Land Institute’s Scientists Receive Honors

So far in 2023, two research papers written by scientists at The Land Institute have received awards for their contributions to new approaches in their respective disciplines.

The paper “Changes to architecture of Silphium integrifolium Michx. during domestication reveal new trade-offs for yield,” which was published in Crop Science, was selected as one of the 2023 Outstanding Papers—Honorable Mention in Crop Breeding and Genetics by the journal in June of 2023. The Land Institute’s David Van Tassel and Kelsey Peterson served as co-authors of this paper, along with Jarrad R. Prasifka and Rachel E. Mallinger. This paper looks at the potential of Silphium integrifolium, a perennial oilseed crop, to provide ample yields of oil through increased domestication efforts.

Additionally, the paper “Native Flowering Border Crops Attract High Pollinator Abundance and Diversity, Providing Growers the Opportunity to Enhance Pollination Services,” written by The Land Institute’s Ebony Murrell in collaboration with co-authors Jessica Butters, Brian J. Spiesman, and Tania N. Kim, received The Entomological People’s Choice Award from the editors-in-chief and editorial boards of Environmental Entomology (EE) and the Journal of Economic Entomology (JEE), along with the Entomological Society of America and Oxford University Press. This paper highlights the use of native flowering plants in border strips to provide critical habitat for pollinator communities and reverse habitat loss from agricultural intensification. 


REAd silphium paper in crop science

REAd pollinator paper in environmental entomology

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