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Increased Food and Ecosystem Security via Perennial Grains

Author: Jerry D. Glover,John P. Reganold, L. W. Bell,J. Borevitz, E. C. Brummer, E. S. Buckler, C. M. Cox, T. S. Cox, T. E. Crews, S. W. Culman, L. R. DeHaan, D. Eriksson, B. S. Gill, J. Holland, F. Hu, B. S. Hulke, A. M. H. Ibrahim, W. Jackson, S. S. Jones, S. C. Murray, A. H. Paterson, E. Ploschuk, E. J. Sacks, S. Snapp, D. Tao, D. L. Van Tassel, L. J. Wade, D. L. Wyse, Y. Xu

Publication: Science, 25 June 2010, Vol. 328 pp. 1638-1639

Perennial grains hold promise, especially for marginal landscapes or with limited resources where annual versions struggle.

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