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A Snapshot of The Land Institute: 2022-2023

Each year, together with you, we move one step closer to reconciling the human economy with nature’s economy — starting with food. Over the past year, The Land Institute has engaged in collaborative research with science institutions around the globe and civic scientists across the US to continue developing the path forward for perennial grain agriculture. With six perennial grain crops at the center of our research, we’re working every day to develop crops that benefit people and the planet.

Thank you for being with The Land Institute on this journey to redesign agriculture, our food-producing ecosystem.

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  • 44,752 perennial rice farmers
    in southern China, whose widespread adoption of perennial grains is helping us realize perennial grain agriculture’s social, economic, and ecological benefits.
  • 67 photos by civic scientists
    of potentially diseased silphium and perennial wheat leaves connected across 19 states, helping us determine and then protect perennial grains against diseases.
  • 55 global partner institutions
    in 23 countries, catalyzing perennial grain research and development in new and existing areas of study.
  • 14 perennial wheat lines
    testing globally, improving the robust perenniality of our perennial grain portfolio and learning how these grains might be regionally adapted.
  • 2 reference genomes created
    for silflower (Silphium intergrifolium), accelerating plant breeding for desirable traits like high yield and large seed size while maintaining wild traits like deep roots and drought tolerance. 
  • 1 climate coalition joined
    with US Nature4Climate, along with 26 other nature-based climate solution organizations.
  • 1 open-source R package,
    which is software developed for free use by researchers worldwide, helping us connect, broaden, and scale the perennial grain agriculture research community
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