Transforming Agriculture, Perennially


Shuwen Wang

Lead Scientist, Perennial Wheat

Shuwen joined our research staff in the fall of 2010 and focuses on perennial wheat. He has been breeding wheat since 1988, first in his native China, then as a doctoral student at Oklahoma State University, and most recently at South Dakota State, where he also bred soybeans. Shuwen makes heavy use of our lab, where he charts DNA to identify chromosome structures that might indicate whether a plant is perennial or annual. That information helps inform his decisions of which plants to include in crossbreeding. Read Shuwen’s “Interview with a Plant Scientist”.

Authored or Co-authored Scientific Publications

Genome Evolution of Intermediate Wheatgrass
New Roots for Ecological Intensification
Perennial Food Security: Current Efforts to Develop Perennial Wheat and Domesticate Thinopyrum intermedium as a Perennial Grain

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