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From the Board: Leadership Transition Announcement

Fred Iutzi has stepped down as president of The Land Institute, effective July 1, 2020.

The board of The Land Institute would like to recognize the tremendous accomplishments that Fred has achieved for the entire organization. Under his leadership, The Land Institute has become a global institute that stands on its own merits. Fred provided a steady hand during transitional times moving the organization beyond a founder’s enterprise. He helped integrate the emerging Ecosphere Studies work with the ongoing scientific research and collaborations, resulting in a powerful and coherent vision for a perennial future. Fred brought continuity and rigor to all operations while helping expand the international network to fifty collaborators – spanning six continents – preparing the work to grow to scale. The board is forever grateful to Fred for his service and now look to the future for new leadership.

The board has named Rachel Stroer as The Land Institute’s Acting President. Rachel has been an integral part of The Land Institute team and has held many roles in the last five years, including her latest position as Chief Strategy Officer. Rachel and the leadership team are people of ideas, action, and persistence. The Land Institute board and staff have full confidence in Rachel’s leadership, and stand ready to support her in this transition.

The Land Institute is a community dedicated to the success of diverse, perennial agroecosystems, culturally integrated in a just and equitable way. As part of that journey, the organization’s supporters have enabled this bold vision to evolve from proof of concept into a global network of collaborators looking to The Land Institute to lead a larger-scale transformation of agriculture as an enduring and vital solution to the ecological-social crises we face today. With this momentum and rising awareness of the solutions perennial polycultures provide, continued partnership is needed more than ever.

On behalf of all of us at The Land Institute, we offer gratitude for your support and a firm commitment to expand this vital work as quickly as we can.

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