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5 ingredients disrupting the mainstream food world (and 1 big one that no supplier offers)

Publication: New Hope Network

Author: Todd Runestad

Never heard of kernza? It’s the face of regenerative agriculture. The Land Institute has been conducting trials for 40 years to cross-breed “deep root” traits of perennial prairie grass cousins into annual grains. Kernza, an intermediate wheatgrass with a sweet and nutty taste, is a perennial grain and wild relative of annual wheat. It’s a sustainable solution that binds the soil, retains moisture and sequesters carbon. Patagonia Provisions, the three-year-old sister company to outdoor clothing maven, Patagonia, was the first to commercialize kernza’s use. General Mills’ intrigue followed by making a commitment to invest in this regenerative grain to scale up cultivation for use in Cascadian Farms’ cereals. You hear that, planet Earth? That’s cool.

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