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What’s on the Thanksgiving table in a hotter, drier world?

Publication: Washington Post

Author: Daisy Chung, Jessica Wolfrom, Aaron Steckelberg, Jake Crump

Excerpt from the article featuring Kernza® perennial grain:

Trade your bubbly for beer made with Kernza.

Hardier alternatives may become more prevalent in a warming world. Experiments with perennial grains such as Kernza, a domesticated form of wheatgrass developed by scientists at the Land Institute, are underway to help return carbon to the soil. Unlike traditional wheat crops, Kernza requires fewer pesticides and never needs to be replanted, allowing it to grow deep roots and sequester carbon underground.

Kernza beer was first developed in 2016, and there are now three Kernza beers available in select states. Kernza in flour format can also be used in pie crusts and dinner rolls, and it makes a mean sourdough.

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