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Indigenous Futures and Radical Thinking – featuring Wes Jackson

Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Exhibit Columbus is an annual exploration of architecture, art, design, and community in the city of Columbus, Indiana. Previous editions have seen street installations by design duo Formafantasma and architect Snarkitecture, and a giant hammock by SO-IL. The 2020-2021 edition, curated by Iker Gil and Mimi Zeiger, takes Columbus’ central location in the heart of the USA as its departure point.

Dezeen has teamed up with Exhibit Columbus to live stream four talks exploring how architecture and design can act as catalysts in the centre of the USA, with topics including indigenous design, climate resilience and technology. Taking place fortnightly between 15 September and 29 October 2020, the talks form part of the Exhibit Columbus symposium titled New Middles​: From Main Street to Megalopolis, What is the Future of the Middle City?

Wes Jackson will speak at the final roundtable discussion: New Middles: Indigenous Futures and Radical Thinking. A long timeline is central to this conversation, which asks what are lessons, past and future, of this land and indigenous design? How might alternative voices and perspectives in relations to land, agriculture, and ways of making reimagine North American narratives?

Panelists: Chris Cornelius (Oneida), studio: indigenous, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Wes Jackson, The Land Institute, Topeka, Kansas Joar Nango (Sámi), FFB, Alta, Finland, Ash Eliza Smith, Carson Center of Emerging Media Arts, Lincoln, Nebraska

All four talks will be streamed at

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