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Perennial Grains at the Kansas Farmers Union State Convention

Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Hilton Garden Inn Salina
3320 S 9th St
Salina, Kansas 67401

The Land Institute’s Lydia Nicholson, Educational Design Technician, will present on Kernza and perennial grains at the Kansas Farmers Union State Convention in Salina, Kansas. During this session, Lydia will dive into the world of perennial grain agriculture and discuss how this work can help regenerate the soil, air, and water we depend on while allowing for staple crop production. Lydia will take a closer look at Kernza, the first perennial grain available for commercial purposes in the US, and explore the research findings that suggest how this grain can help improve water and soil quality while generating multiple types of crops for farmers. Additionally, participants will learn about the ongoing efforts to cultivate more perennial grains and establish sustainable agricultural and social systems around them.

Tickets can be purchased for the full two-day event on 11/29 and 11/30 or individually for each day. Click here to learn more and register for the event.

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