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Over the years, The Land Institute has been recognized in popular media coverage as a thought leader on a wide range of issues including agriculture, sustainability, culture, and more.  More recently our perennial crop breeding and ecological intensification research are garnering coverage, and the newly formed ecosphere studies program is attracting attention.  Feel free to peruse this chronological list of articles, or review the articles on a specific topic using the category filters.

If you’re looking for a list of Land Institute researchers’ articles in scholarly journals, visit our Scientific Publications page.

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Publication: Yale Environment 360

Author: Winifred Bird

Scientists have long sought to create a perennial rice that would avoid the damage to the land caused by the necessity of planting annually. Now, Chinese researchers appear close to…

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Publication: Salina Journal

Author: Michael Strand, Salina Journal

Land Institute scientist David Van Tassel had spent several years working with the maximilian sunflower, trying to develop yet another candidate for the field of mixed perennials that is the…

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Publication: NOVA

Author: Brooke Borel

It’s a cycle nearly as old as human history. Plow, plant, harvest, and repeat. It worked for our ancestors, and it’s working for us now, though with ever more problems,…

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Publication: Progressive Farmer

Author: Emily Unglesbee

The annual rhythms of planting, growing and harvesting have been a certainty for farmers since wild plants were first domesticated. With the exception of a few forage crops, doing away…

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Publication: Wired

Author: Hillary Rosner

A hand-painted wooden sign marks the entrance to Steven Cannon’s community garden, tucked between a sidewalk and some train tracks in Ames, Iowa. It depicts the iconic image of a…

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Publication: EARTH Magazine, © 2014 American Geosciences Institute and reprinted with their permission

Author: Ward Chesworth

If someone points out to you that your pet theory of the universe is in disagreement with Maxwell’s equations — then so much the worse for Maxwell’s equations. … But…

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Publication: New York Times

Author: Mark Bittman

Noted food columnist and cookbook author Mark Bittman writes about his Land Institute Prairie Festival experience and conversations with Wes Jackson and crew. There is also an accompanying video by…

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Publication: Moyers & Company, PBS

Author: Bill Moyers

In a rare television interview, environmental legend and writer Wendell Berry leaves his Kentucky farm for an inspiring conversation on a recent episode of Moyers and Company on PBS.

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Author: The Land Institute

The Land Institute’s work in developing perennial grain sorghum has attracted two grants totaling more than $650,000, allowing the addition of a researcher and technician to the staff and giving…

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Author: Wes Jackson

Wes Jackson was one of three individuals to receive University of Kansas honorary degrees for exceptional contributions to society (the other two being Karole Armitage and Wendell Castle). The honor…

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Publication: Yes! Magazine

Author: Ken Meter

Wes Jackson, founder of The Land Institute, has been named one of the “YES! Breakthrough 15” a group of people who are “tuned in to the deepest needs of our…

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Publication: Al Jazeera English;

Author: Stan Cox

Stan Cox authored this opionion piece on Late last year, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) released a hair-raising report on the state of the world’s soil…

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