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Over the years, The Land Institute has been recognized in popular media coverage as a thought leader on a wide range of issues including agriculture, sustainability, culture, and more.  More recently our perennial crop breeding and ecological intensification research are garnering coverage, and the newly formed ecosphere studies program is attracting attention.  Feel free to peruse this chronological list of articles, or review the articles on a specific topic using the category filters.

If you’re looking for a list of Land Institute researchers’ articles in scholarly journals, visit our Scientific Publications page.

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Publication: Food Tank

Transitioning to more sustainable forms of agriculture remains critical, as many current agriculture practices have serious consequences including deforestation and soil degradation. But despite agriculture’s enormous potential to hurt the…

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Publication: Yale Environment 360

Author: Mark Shapiro

When a team of researchers set loose a buzzing horde of Hessian flies on 20,000 seedlings in a Kansas greenhouse, they made a discovery that continues to ripple from Midwestern…

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Publication: Cowra Guardian

Kernza®, a perennial grain developed by the U.S. The Land Institute, is another success story from the study and is now commercially available in a staged U.S. release to a…

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Publication: BYU Radio: Thinking Aloud

Author: Marcus Smith

Aubrey Streit Krug from The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas talks about the ground—soil, plants, roots—and the practical and metaphorical dimensions of its role in preserving a human future. Listen…

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Publication: Climate Crocks

Author: Peter Sinclair

Move over, Quinoa. Agriculture is responsible for 70 percent of global freshwater consumption, in large part due to our prevailing agricultural model based on monoculture of annual crops. This strategy requires annual…

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Publication: Ensia

Author: Hillary Rosner

Many strategies aimed at mitigating global warming involve huge shifts in human behavior: stop burning coal for electricity, stop driving gas-powered cars, stop destroying rainforests. These are all necessary — and all involve…

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Publication: Grist

By 2050, the world’s population could hit 9 billion. That’s a lot of mouths to feed! The brightest minds in gastronomy and agriculture are working to ensure that producing all that grub…

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Publication: Cornell Chronicle

Author: Krishna Ramanujan

While most industrial grain crops are annuals that must be replanted every year, a new perennial grain called Kernza® has hit the markets with growing interest from restaurants, bakeries and…

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Publication: Food Business News

Author: Monica Watrous

ANAHEIM, CALIF. — At The Perennial restaurant in San Francisco, customers may order a crisp waffle, fresh-baked bread or a sourdough crumble made with Kernza, a perennial grain with deep…

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Publication: National Geographic

Author: Tracie McMillan

On a shiny list of future foods, a humble grain might not stick out. But don’t let intermediate wheatgrass, a grain long found on America’s Great Plains, fool you. Originally…

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Publication: Oregon Tilth

Author: Alyssa Neumann

The Land Institute pioneers a new paradigm that challenges our current destructive agriculture model: switching annual grain cropping to ecologically intensified perennial polycultures that mimic natural systems. By working with nature,…

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Publication: The Atlantic

Author: Charles C. Mann

The Rodale Institute, the country’s oldest organization that researches organic agriculture, gathered 250 samples of intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) in the late 1980s. A perennial cousin to bread wheat, wheatgrass…

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