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Malting Kernza® Perennial Grain: Assessing Characteristics, Quality, and Flavor of Kernza Malt

Author: Joe Kaplan & Christopher Abbott

Publication: Perennial Pantry

Perennial Pantry, a Minnesota-based food company championing Kernza perennial grain, released a malting and baking report that “advanced new uses for Kernza by researching the crop’s malting characteristics, malt quality, and malt flavor traits.” This research seeks to determine the uses of malted Kernza in commercial settings to assist in building a robust supply chain around the perennial grain.

This research was funded by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Growth, Research, and Innovation (AGRI) Grant Program.

Executive Summary

Kernza® perennial grain (intermediate wheatgrass) is a perennial cousin of wheat, and the first commercially viable perennial grain launched into US markets. It is spearheading the movement toward a regenerative agricultural model that mimics natural ecosystems.

Relatively little is known regarding the scope of its applied uses. This research project explored Kernza malting towards the goal of boosting the impact, awareness, and use of Kernza by Minnesota farmers, millers, bakers, brewers, and researchers.


LINK TO Full Report from Perennial Pantry

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