Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

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Author: Gabriel de Oliveira, Nathaniel A.Brunsell, Timothy E.Crews, Lee R.DeHaan, GiuliaVico
Publication: Plant Science

Abstract: Perennial crops have been proposed as a more sustainable alternative to annual crops, because they have extended growing seasons, continuous ground cover, reduced nutrient leakage, and sequester more carbon…

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Author: John S. Mortenson, Blair L. Waldron, Steve R. Larson, Kevin B. Jensen, Lee R. DeHaan, Michael D. Peel, Paul G. Johnson, and J. Earl Creech
Publication: Agronomy

Abstract: It has been hypothesized that the genetic control of forage traits, especially biomass, for grass plants growing as spaced-plants versus swards is different. Likewise, the genetic control of compatibility…

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Author: Jacob M. Jungers, Lee H. DeHaan, David J. Mulla, Craig C. Sheaffer, Donald L. Wyse
Publication: Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment

Abstract: Global expansion of high-input annual grain crops and associated nitrogen (N) fertilizer use can have negative consequences for the environment and human health. Nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) leaching from fertilized…

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Author: Matthew R Ryan, Timothy E Crews, Steven W Culman, Lee R DeHaan, Richard C Hayes, Jacob M Jungers, Matthew G Bakker
Publication: BioScience

Abstract: Plant breeders are increasing yields and improving agronomic traits in several perennial grain crops, the first of which is now being incorporated into commercial food products. Integration strategies and management…

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Author: Gabriel de Oliveira, Nathaniel A. Brunsell, Caitlyn E. Sutherlin, Timothy E. Crews, Lee R. DeHaan.
Publication: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

Abstract: The ecological impacts resulting from global warming and conventional agricultural practices are predicted to affect crop productivity and reduce the land area available for agriculture in the near future….

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