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The Land Institute Attends COP28

For the first time, The Land Institute will attend COP28, the annual United Nations conference on global climate action, in Dubai, UAE. Tammy Kimbler, Chief Communications Officer, and Tim Crews, Chief Scientist and Director of the International Initiative, will attend the conference as official observers to raise awareness of the critical role of perennial grains as a nature-based solution that can significantly enhance biodiversity, soil health, food security, and ecosystem resilience.

What are perennial grains? Click here for an overview.


Find The Land Institute at the following COP28 venues:

December 8th – Agri-Food Systems Summit

December 9Nature, Land-Use, and Oceans Day
Nature PositiveU.S. CenterFood & AgricultureFood Systems Pavilions

December 10Food, Agriculture, and Water Day
Sustainable Agriculture of the AmericasNordicNature PositiveU.S. CenterFood & AgricultureFood Systems Pavilions

December 11 – 12Final Negotiations

What do our climate movement and research partners say about perennial grains’ potential as climate-resilient food crops with ecological, economic, and social benefits?

EESIPerennial Grains and the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

US Nature4ClimateKernza: Providing a Path Forward for Perennial Grains

CeresInnovative Solutions to Reduce Agricultural Emissions

Central State UniversitySilflower Perennial Oilseed for Soil Health, Climate Resilience


In order to reach global climate goals and build a resilient, equitable future for all, food systems must be considered as a solution for climate change mitigation and adaptation in decision-making processes. The Land Institute joined nearly 50 organizations in signing an open letter expressing to the United Nations the need to include food systems in the final decision text for COP28’s Global Stocktake, a collective process measuring current progress and future needs regarding global climate commitments and emissions reduction strategies. 

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