Agriculture is eroding much more than soil. It is accelerating climate change and fouling waterways. It is the single human activity most responsible for dismantling the biodiversity that makes life as we know it possible. MORE


Have you ever wondered why prairies thrive without any human intervention? No pesticides, no fertilizer, no irrigation, and yet they come back year after year, come drought or flood. The soil remains healthy, full of nutrients and swarming with organisms MORE


There’s a good reason the world's grain comes from annual plants, grown in monocultures, boosted by chemical and energy inputs that cause widespread damage: there are no good alternatives. Yet. MORE



Ecological intensification at Estes Park

Four dozen researchers from five continents converged on a historic hotel in the Rockies and brainstormed about helping The Land Institute achieve its aim — perennial grains grown in mixtures. MORE

Job opening: Major gifts officer / VP strategic advancement

The Vice President, Strategic Advancement will play a central role in developing and managing The Land Institute’s strategic gifts program during a period of unprecedented growth. The successful candidate will be both passionate about the organization’s mission and motivated to effect change, and will possess the creativity and energy to grow and nurture a nationwide donor base MORE