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2022 Perennial Impact Report

The Land Institute has released its 2022 Perennial Impact Report. This report contains an overview of significant developments across the organization’s crop development and science programs over the past fiscal year and a list of key milestones that the institution must reach to achieve perennial grain success at scale.

“To set the stage for a perennial agriculture transformation that regenerates the planet’s precious natural resources and moves away from the current paradigm that contributes to their degradation, The Land Institute is building and solidifying structures and processes that seek to reconcile the human economy with Nature’s economy starting with food. Access to new genetic tools and technology, increased internal capacity, and newfound partnerships in plant breeding, genetics, and natural climate solution spaces are helping ask and answer key questions that will ultimately facilitate moving perennial grain crops from the research station to farmers’ fields and peoples’ plates. While breeding efforts to improve yields, disease resistance, robust perenniality, and geographic adaptation in perennial grains are still underway, The Land Institute is simultaneously working with producers, agroecologists, and food scientists to ensure that a diverse array of perennial grain crops have a clear pathway to agricultural land and markets.

Once The Land Institute researchers and crop development teams reach these key milestones, a foundation will be in place to incorporate perennial grains into the greater agriculture and food sectors to realize the benefits of truly regenerative, perennial polyculture systems.”

– Rachel Stroer, President of The Land Institute


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