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Kernza® Featured in Beer from Patagonia Provisions

The Land Institute is thrilled to share the news that Patagonia Provisions is using our signature Kernza® perennial grain in a new beer launched today: Long Root Ale. Long Root Ale is the first widely-available beverage made with this deep-rooted relative of wheat.

Kernza® perennial grain was developed by The Land Institute to help address the growing problems of soil erosion, greenhouse gas pollution, groundwater depletion, fertilizer runoff, and other negative impacts of industrialized annual crops.

Perennials are deep-rooted plants that may be grown year after year with minimal tilling, fertilizers, fossil fuels, and pesticides while using water more efficiently than annual crops and rebuilding healthy soil.

As part of The Land Institute’s vision for a truly sustainable food system, Kernza® perennial grain grown in polyculture mixtures may soon offer more farmers an alternative to industrial agricultural methods.

Patagonia Provisions is among a growing cadre of culinary leaders and innovators using Kernza® perennial grain in beverages, baked goods, side dishes, desserts, and more, including: Tracy Singleton, owner of the Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Zachary Golper at Bien Cuit in Brooklyn, New York; and Karen Leibowitz and Anthony Myint, co-founders of The Perennial in San Francisco, California.

Want to try Long Root Ale for yourself? Starting October 3rd, Long Root Ale will be available for sale at Whole Foods Markets throughout California, Oregon, and Washington.

Questions about the beer or Kernza®? Contact The Land Institute here.

If you are a farmer or culinary professional interested in purchasing Kernza® seed or flour to make more delicious dishes, you can find more information on our new Kernza website.

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