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Kernza® Lead Scientist Receives Inaugural American Food Heroes Award

The Land Institute’s Lead Scientist for Kernza® domestication and intermediate wheatgrass breeding, Lee DeHaan, has…

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McKnight Foundation Partners with The Land Institute on Perennial Grain Communications

The Land Institute is profoundly excited to contribute to a strong, flexible network of perennial…

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Cascadian Farm Partners to Help Scale-Up Kernza®

The Land Institute is pleased to announce another significant partnership in the retail food industry….

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Kernza® Featured in Unbroken Ground Film from Patagonia Provisions

By now you’ve probably heard the news that Patagonia Provisions is using our signature Kernza® perennial…

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Kernza® Featured in Beer from Patagonia Provisions

The Land Institute is thrilled to share the news that Patagonia Provisions is using our…

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