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Patagonia Wants to Save the World One Beer at a Time

Publication: Paste

Author: Nathan Borchelt

Typically, when a non-beverage-focused brand announces that they’ve released their own line of craft beers, the move feels like a play at hipster vanity and best, and a desperate grasp to play in the waxing/waning world that is the modern beer movement at worst. But when that company is Patagonia, all presumptions disappear. This is the brand, after all, that dedicated their entire home page to protest the Trump administration when it announced a drastic reduction of Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument. Rather than pushing retail, the site portrayed a direct, stark message: “The President Stole Your Land.” It’s decisions like this throughout Patagonia’s 45-plus-year history that has helped the brand shrug off the old “Pata-gucci” dismissals to become one of the most relevant “activist companies” operating today, an identity that stretches from politics to recycle-and-repair apparel programs to eco-friendly product creation.
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