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Building a botanical foundation for perennial agriculture: Global inventory of wild, perennial herbaceous Fabaceae species

Author: Claudia Ciotir, Wendy Applequist, Timothy E Crews, Neculai Cristea, Lee R DeHaan, Emma Frawley, Sterling A Herron, Robert Magill, James S Miller, Yury Roskov, Brandon Schlautman, James C Solomon, Andrew Townesmith, David Van Tassel, James L Zarucchi, Allison Miller

Publication: Plants, People, Planet

Agroecosystems are constantly evolving to meet the needs of a growing population in a sustainable manner. Concerns about ecological impacts of agriculture, including soil loss, have focused attention on crops that provide both agricultural products and ecological services. Perennial, herbaceous crops that live for multiple years and can be harvested mechanically produce large root systems that may reduce soil loss; however, these species are largely absent from agriculture. The diversity of wild, perennial, herbaceous legume species documented by the Perennial Agriculture Project Global Inventory (PAPGI) increases resources available to breeders of perennial, herbaceous legumes, and raises awareness about untapped wild plant diversity in future crop development.

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