With a goal as bold as “changing the way the world grows its food,” we know that partners are a driving force in our mission and a critical element to success. Partners provide insight, operations support, connectivity and an expanded community of brainpower and capacity. We welcome partners to support mutual success.

Our partners and collaborators help us develop perennial grain crops. In many ways, plant breeding is a numbers game – the more experimental lines evaluated, the better our odds of finding a superior, high-yielding crop variety. Our partners facilitate the sharing of plant materials, breeding techniques and research results to accelerate the research and development process. Our partners include the USDA and agricultural labs and field stations in Minnesota, Georgia, China, Mali and Australia. Together, we are advancing research in locally adapted, renewable farming practices.

Although we are headquartered in Salina, Kansas, our global partnerships take us worldwide to diverse climates and growing conditions — enhancing outcomes and organizational operations. With our partners, we are dedicated to ensuring worldwide food security and to renewing the land. This provides two wins: meeting human needs and building healthy soil on which life depends.

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