Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

Category: Civic Science

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Civic Science collaborator Ellie Irons documents progress and shares insights from her experience working with the perennial oilseed Silphium integrifolium to illustrate how storytelling, photography, and data collection all connect to the broader social and ecological context of this prairie plant and its habitat, particularly in its journey to disrupt dominant lawn monocultures in the US.

The Land Institute’s Director of Ecosphere Studies, Dr. Aubrey Streit Krug introduces us to Silphium integrifolium, The Land Institute’s perennial oilseed crop candidate that we are domesticating with the help of dozens of civic scientists across the U.S. With the act of domesticating a new crop as an example, she invites us to reflect on the other forms of care work we perform and are recipients of on a daily basis.

As we work towards a more just and transformative future, what examples of care work do you hope to see and ignite in your own communities?

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